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[New Orchid Gallery] Alan Goldin

Alan Goldin
Montclair, NJ. USA

“The shape is everything.” If I had to, in one sentence, sum up my
approach to jewelry design, that would be it. These are
one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted pieces in silver and gold with
semi-precious stones. Why one-of-a-kind? Because I have a thousand
different designs in my head and I want to produce as many of them
as I can in my lifetime.

I want to appeal to those who seek out and appreciate uniqueness.
Like a painting, each piece is given a title. But I would rather
make a piece that becomes the owner’s favorite and gets worn often,
than make something that’s kept in a case and trotted out only for
special occasions, or is so conceptual it can only be viewed but
never worn.

Gemstones, when I use them, are there to embellish or accent the
shape, like punctuation. Gemstones have to be an organic part of the
design and not look like they were stuck on as an afterthought. I
love light shining through translucent stones, and I love
inclusions; they add an organic, natural imperfectness.

People who own my jewelry think of it as more than decoration. It
becomes a pet, a friend, an ornamental companion. Like clouds,
everyone sees something different in the shapes and as a result,
they become good-luck charms, fertility symbols, amulets,

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