[New Orchid Gallery] Adrienne Neszmelyi-Romano

Adrienne Neszmelyi-Romano

I began working in metals 13 years ago and it has been my primary
medium since that time. My jewelry is inspired by my interest in the
world around me- in nature and my travels. The organic shapes in
nature, particularly river rocks, have been the root of my work.
Their shapes and textures are of primary interest, and the irregular
contours of their forms inspire the shapes I create. Pieces are
sometimes formed around the contours of river rocks and their
natural arrangements found in their environment inspire patterns and
the compositions of my pieces. Many of these rocks are discovered on
my travels.

I work primarily in sterling silver. I occasionally combine copper
and other materials, such as resin. When incorporating stones, I
most often use them in their original form.

I enjoy creating contemporary, modern designs that are clean, bold
and have strong contrasts, many times using a patina on their
surfaces. My pieces are not meant to be delicate in their look; they
are to convey a strong, dramatic statement. For some work, I like to
create hollow forms that give the illusion of weight, but are light
and easy to wear. I also enjoy adding a patina to surfaces to create
a more natural, weathered look.

I like the precision involved in the planning and design process,
but feel that my artistic roots in painting lead to my parallel
interest in spontaneity and play in the creation of my pieces.
Sometimes pieces evolve as the metal is shaped and arranged in their
“compositions”. The process of layering colors, shapes, designs, and
textures informs my choices in jewelry creation much as it does my

My work is infused with my passion to make beautiful objects that
you will love to wear. My designs are personal, one of a kind pieces
that result from hours of effort in my studio. I also will work with
clients to create custom designs.

The work featured in this series of submissions are from the
“Pebble” Series, which is work that comes out of looking at the
naturally random arrangements of pebbles and stones on the ground.

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