New Orchid Galleries

Artist: Linda Woods
Orchid Gallery:

My work is frequently characterized as whimsical. I have to admit, I
do love animals, and they frequently find a way into my work. Other
characteristics of my work are a love of texture and semi-precious
stones with unusual shapes. My pieces are one of a kind and
frequently custom designed. Linda

Artist: Michelle Moss
Orchid Gallery:

Michelle shows:

Copper and silver serpent with articulated spine & mexican
opal eye .

Pyramid Bracelet. cast figures holding large crystal pyramid
above smaller pyramid.

Egyptian "sun at night’ pierced silver on copper with cast
copper scarab .

Eye of Horus, pierced silver pendant with hematite stone.

Double ring with spectralite and opal stones.

Celtic arm band, upper arm band inspired by celtic harp.

Reticulated silver bracelet with hinged closure and matching
double ring.

City in the Fog. Textured silver with garnet, amethyst and
citrine stones and matching ring.

Artist: Mario Nokai
Orchid Gallery:

Mario Nokai is a Croatian jewelry artist, Showing a 14K White gold
and boulder opal ring

Artist: Marion Margoshes
Orchid Gallery:

“More enamels” by Marion Margoshes.