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New Movie Project - Expert Needed

Hi Got a call about a movie starring Mariah Carey called All That
Glitters , taking place in the 80’s night club music and fashion
scene. They said my name came up in their research. The company that
contacted me got my samples today said they will use some of my
jewelry however they have special requirements. The costume director
especially liked 3 of my cuffs ( one of a kind) which she wants in
pairs in different colors then the original which was gold. this is
where I need help they were made by my factory years ago and I have no
one capable of that work today. I never soldered being self taught so
we had epoxied the chain designs on the cuff base. They are 3 inch
wide brass cuffs covered with rows of chain , one with a center square
of onyx , one has 3 big pyramids , one has some rows of metal chain
and rhinestone chain designs. She wants them as pairs done in
silver color with Lucite centers instead of stone. No color just
shiney. Perhaps the whole cuff could be cast in plastic or some
lighter material ,and silver plated and set with a lucite stone.Cast
in metal it would be very heavy. I’ll send scans of the cuffs she chose
if anyone thinks they can make these, that would be great and after we
can market them , if they were lighter and cheaper then my originals
they would sell well I think. She needs a price by Monday.And the
pieces in 3 -4 weeks. Very demanding . It’s a big break for me , hope
someone can help if you want send me your phone number and we can talk
it over have a great weekend thanks Wendy