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New Mokume Gane Thread

Greetings, Just read an article that said… the Mokume Gane stack
had a plate of shibuichi on the top/outside surface. A pattern was
punched down into the shibuichi several layers deep. The top layers
were filed off to show the rings around the pattern. The Mokume
Gane was then upset from the rear, the points files off and the
material leveled in the roller. The result is a very definite pattern
in shibuichi amongst the swirling Mokume Gane pattern. Beautiful.

I am having difficulty seeing this process in my mind and when I draw
out a cross section. Can’t imagine filing off several layers on a
four inch disk but…

Can any one shed some light on this?

Bill in Vista

If you want to play with pattern development try a few colored
layers of the plastic clay they sell for children. Layer it with
6-12 alternating layers, roll it out to 1/4", deform it, cut off the
high spots and roll again. Just like that you have patterned
mokume-gane. The book is “Mokume-gane” by Steve Midgett, $34.95. Buy
yourself a Christmas present. I have it is stock 800/876-3434.

Dear Bill what a great idea… I just saw binions “ball” and can’t
wait to try to make it… But hope he will help with how and what he
layered to get that real striking pattern in the ball…I think it
was in the new lapidary issue… help if you know what he did…