New Microfold Brake by Lee Marshall

New Microfold Brake by Lee Marshall, Engineer Extraordinaire

Hey everybody, I just received an advance copy of Lee Marshall’s new
and improved (sorry to have to use such an over-used phrase—it’s
true, though!) Microfold Brake.

Having just gotten home last night from teaching for the Florida
Society of Goldsmiths at New Smyrna Beach (great people, great
place!) I have only had a chance to run a few samples, but so far, my
opinion is:


  • One end removes easily so that a tube can be corrugated.
  • It can be mounted temporarily in a vise, as before, but now has
    two further alternatives: it can be bolted or c-clamped to the work
  • The rollers are hardened, improving durability.
  • New knobs are larger and easier to use.

Check it out in Tucson at Rio Grande’s Catalog in Motion. (I won’t
be there this year. Hopefully next year…)

Cynthia Eid