New lower priced Durston rolling mills

Have you heard of the new Durston C110/F110 rolling mills?

The C110/F110 feature a few small changes to the design that make this lighter-weight, more affordable mill available to every jeweler without sacrificing any operational efficiency or the fine quality results you expect from a Durston mill. A T-bar replaces the usual hand-wheel, the rollers are specially induction-hardened to 64 HRC (to a depth of 6mm on the main barrel) for a lifetime of service, and the bearing blocks are fully supported for the best possible finish on your rolled metal. The rollers offer a generous flat area. The mill features a gear box with no extension rollers.

• Self-lubricating and maintenance-free.
• Protective guard around top gears.

They are available exclusively at

Thank you to Durston Rolling Mills for their fantastic products and for being Platinum supporters of Ganoksin and helping to keep the lights on here!

Durston Agile C110 Combination Rolling Mill

Durston Agile F110 Combination Rolling Mill

Interesting. I suspect the low end mills from India are eating into Durston’s profit, so its nice to see them coming out with a more affordable mill with gears. I couldn’t use a mill without wire rolls, but I suspect a lot of folks don’t make wire (and I only do infrequently). I had one of those inexpensive mills for a while and upgraded to a Durston C130 when it stopped doing what I needed done. I was surprised at the size and heft of the Durston compared to the inexpensive mill. Really, there is no comparison. I have heard poor reviews of the Durstons without gears, this one looks like it might fit the bill for someone on a budget. I love my Durston.

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