[New List for Silversmiths] Especially Beginners


I am Don Norris, owner of the “Silversmithing for Beginners,
Rockhounds, and Small Shops” <Jewelrymaking@listbot.com List. It
is a free small list of only 300 members for the discussion of
silversmithing and jewelry making. For many Orchid members it
will be of

no interest, we are on an entirely different level of discussion.
The list are entirely different, mine is only for silversmiths
and is geared more for the beginner, hobbyist and small shop
owner, Orchid, in my opinion, is more sophisticated and caters
more to the real professional jeweler and goldsmith.

The new fee based list that Hanuman spoke about is one that I
have just started and features mini classes and weekly features
or lesson as follows.

Week One Features:

  1. Questions and Answers
  2. Monthly Project
  3. How to price jewelry
  4. Tips for silversmithing and jewelry making
  5. Shop Safety
  6. Tools

Week Two Features:

  1. Questions and Answers
  2. Monthly Project
  3. How to sell jewelry
  4. Designing Jewelry to Sell
  5. Stones
  6. Supplies

The new list will begin the first week of February, and the
archives will remain open until January 31, 2001. The cost of the
new list is $28.00 for the rest of this year.

I know that the thought of paying to be on a list is really
foreign to most, downright disgusting to some. I have to
honest with you, I am betting that fee based lists are the future
of the web, and I like to be on the forefront. The key is to
offer a list that is worth the money.

I personally will not belong to an unmoderated list! Hanuman
and I have discussed the several hours a day it takes to read and
approve messages for our lists. He, more than I, because to shear
number of posts to Orchid. Not too long ago someone posted that
they would not mind paying for the gained on Orchid.
May I suggest that you can easily help support Orchid, as I have
chose to do, by purchasing one or more of the advertising
packages that Ganoskin offers. They are very reasonable even if
you would only like to promote your site.

The new fee based list will offer:

  1. A moderated list where there are no stupid questions, and now
    no stupid answers, where you can ask and answer questions without
    being identified. Names of the sender are removed on both
    questions and answers. I do this so no one is embarrassed, and
    some times I have to be blunt in my response to questions or
    answers that are wrong. This way no one is offended.

  2. Threads will be limited to just the number of posts that
    answer the questions adequately.

  3. Weekly Online Lessons, complete with secret sites for
    photos. These are some of the Lessons that you will receive on a
    semi-weekly basis for at least 50 weeks of the year.

  4. Pricing your jewelry. A complete class on pricing, including a
    free spread sheet that I have created to make it easier, and even
    more important, make it a mechanical process to eliminate
    peoples� tendencies to underprice things.

  5. How to sell your jewelry. We cover every aspect of selling to
    begin a silversmithing business.

  6. Tips of the Trade (NEW) A weekly tip on silversmithing and
    casting. Just like the monthly tips

on my web site.

  1. Designing Jewelry to Sell Each week I will cover one of my
    principles of designing jewelry to sell it. Of course, this is
    not an artsy, craftsy, sophisticated series. It is a series to
    teach you how to design good jewelry that will sell, at a profit,
    and still be fun to make.

  2. Safety in the Shop. (NEW) We will begin with the most
    important, eye saving, finger saving, and life saving safety

  3. Monthly project. We will begin a project each month and
    complete in in four weekly lessons. Emphasis will be placed on
    making a project that is simple and profitable!

  4. Stones. We will discuss a different stone each week. What is
    it, how much to pay for it, how to use it, and what problems you
    can expect when using it will all be covered.

  5. Tools. Each week we will discuss a tool or piece of equipment
    used in Silversmithing.

  6. Supplies. (NEW) I have been ask to cover the different
    supplies used in silversmithing, and we will.

  7. Questions and Answers. I will continue to answer as many
    questions as I feel I can, and pass on the rest to the list for
    their answers. We are averaging about 10 per

week on this list and I spend no less than 4 to 10 hours per
week answering them.

My thanks to Hanuman for letting me offer this new list to the
members of Orchid, not as an alternative to Orchid, but as an
additional source of for silversmiths.

If you have an interest in joining this new list, visit my web
site at: http://www.frii.com/~dnorris/maillist3.html

Don Norris

Please visit my web sites