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New Injection Wax?

Has anyone tried a new type of injection wax lately that claims to be
"carvable" ? It’s a Kerr product.

As you know, any alteration of most injection wax is like working
with two day old used bubble gum. Let me know,



Funny you should ask that. I just got a nice big box of it (the
orangy stuff) as samples shipped to me as a result of an inquiry at
their booth at MJSA. It’s sitting on my bench today to try out. So
far, it looks and feels quite carveable.

If you want to try it yourself, why not give them a call and ask for
a free sample? They were quite willing to provide one for me to try.

Hope this helps!
Karen Goeller
Hand-crafted artisan jewelry

Marge, I have not used the new Kerr carvable yet - but just so
you’ll know, Ferris Carvable Blue injection wax has been on the
market for quite some time now and is wonderful ! No bubble gum
effect. Had all my students try it too, so it was a fair trial.


Dear Marge, If you are interested in an injection wax that can be
carved as well, I’d be happy to send you a sample of our CASTALDO
SuperCera Gold injection wax. It injects like water and can not
only be carved but even machined with a handpiece & burr.

If you and anyone else out there would like a free sample, please

give me your full shipping address not a P. O. box.

Michael Knight

Micheal, i would love a sample. i have never seen this produce. i
have always used the same waxes and never bother to see what else is
on the market. thank you in advance.

Gary Roe
po box 451
portland me. 04112

Dear All,

I have not paid a lot of attention to this thread, although I also
wanted to switch my injection wax to something more "carvable"
recently. I requested a sample of the wax Mr. Knight refers to, and
yes it does have properties desirable for filing and machining,
however after working with it for a couple of months, I think you may
want to give it careful consideration before purchasing.

First, when trying to purchase some SuperCera Gold, I discovered the
minimum quantity I could order was 50 lbs. As a small volume wax
user, this is a considerable commitment for me to make when buying
wax, over $200 when delivered.

Second, after a week or so of regular use, we found that while it
does work well for carving, it also is extremely brittle, and my wax
person has had an awful time with scraping waxes that break in normal
production. Also when you do need to file on a wax, you better have
several waxes at hand as the slightest snag on the file will result
in you holding onto the bottom part of a broken wax and reaching for
another to begin all over again.

If you are fortunate enough to have two wax pots, and want to invest
the cash for wax that does not load up your files, then this wax
would be a good idea. I am preparing right now to order some
traditional injection wax and remove the SuperCera. I may find a use
for it sometime in the future, but I honestly feel that the problems
outweigh the benefits.

Jon Michael Fuja

Hello All, Having been in the industry for about thirty years I have
had an opportunity to try almost every injection wax that has been
formulated. I currently have four wax injection machines with four
different waxes. It seems everyone is looking for the one wax that
will magically “do it all”, as I once did. Different formulations for
different applications is the wise approach. Castaldo’s line of
injection waxes is the most well thought out and comprehensive line
available. No, the gold carvable wax is not a good every day
production choice but IS an excellent tool for those who need the
carvable option. My suggestion for those that are doing regular
production injection is to have a small side pot for an alternate
wax. I know some folks are on a budget so need to make some trade
offs. I pursue any tool that can give me an edge towards quality.
Gold Super Serra is in my tool box. John, J.A.Henkel Co., Inc.,
Moldmaking Casting Finishing, Producing Solutions For Jewelry