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New & improved site

Thanks @dalepavatte! And keep the suggestions and feedback coming everyone. It’s very helpful.

@bmarhon, when you are logged in, you should see a “B” in a circle in the upper right. Try clicking on that to see the “gear” icon. Let us know how it works out.

Initially I was wary of using the new site, as I see “new and improved” as sometimes masking nefarious and sinister motivations, sorta like “privatizing” does. When I had a look at the new site the first couple of times I was put off as I couldn’t instantly navigate to find what I was looking for. When finally I took a Few Minutes to get more than a superficial glance, I was rewarded with the rich content Ganoksin has offered all along. The new search function in the Orchid forum is excellent - Bravo! ! I appreciate all the hard work of those involved - thank you.


Thanks @Patricia_Lawler! It does take some getting used to. We researched about a dozen forum software packages and this was by far the best one. It’s quite impressive what it can do.

@staceybooth you rock! A pleasure to have you, and your financial support means a lot to us.

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I haven’t found it to be difficult. Change takes getting used to, but I understand that trying and learning new things will help stave off Alzheimer’s, so we have a shiny new forum and we will stave off Alzheimer’s.

Win win.

Barbara in Texas


Thanks @Barbara_in_Texas for your comment!

Indeed, my motivation in responding to any and all of the objections was to acknowledge just what you’ve said.

  • This is a large change, as the days of the mailing list are over
  • I believe it needed a large change
  • A large change will take some getting used to (some will take to it faster than others, some will not take to it at all, and that is unfortunate but OK)
  • Those who take to it I think will be rewarded with a better experience, and perhaps even avoid Alzheimer’s :wink:
  • Those who don’t - well, they might come back someday.

What I’m hoping we can do is shift the thread(s) to focusing on the path forward. What Leah and I can do to improve it, fix problems or issues, and generally make this better for all of you.

It is truly a pleasure working on behalf of all of you amazing artists and craftspeople.

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Keeping the parentheticals to a minimum in the subject line of emails is important.
Email subject lines don’t need to say “[Ganoksin Orchid][Name of Forum Area] Name of Thread.” We all know where Orchid is from, and the forum area is superfluous since the thread’s name tells us that.
Email subject lines should just be "[Orchid] thread subject"
I know it’s antithetical to marketing principles not to have the full name a the front, but emails are going out to subscribers, who already know Orchid is part of Ganoksin.


Hi - yep, I agree with you on most of this. We changed it yesterday to this format.

If people don’t like it, we can tweak it - let me know how it looks/works.

%{topic_title} %{optional_pm}%{optional_cat} [%{site_name}]

That worked in both browsers. Thank you!

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I love this new website. Being a web designer myself, this one is awesome and very easy to navigate around. I think you guys did such a great job. And I’m sure it will evolve and keep on being enhanced especially as technologies do too. I am so pleased to remain being a member and having this as a great resource.

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thanks @bobbibenton71!

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Hi Seth,

I tried to send a reply to Trish, , sorry to be thick but theres no
SEND!! button. Can we please? have one?
I had my in house IT guru sort it, i failed to log in!! so re wrote
and its been sent.



Hi @vladimirfrater. You just click the “reply” button at the bottom of the thread. If you still have problems, please email us ""

Thank you for the Bookmark feature.

How are Unread posts counted? It appears to be including some posts already read, but I don’t think it is because the posts were emailed.

Hi @Betty2 My best guess is that it must be because the posts were emailed. The system only knows what you’ve read, what you’re interested in, etc. if you are logged in or click through from an email to the system and are already logged in when you do so.

If you reply to the notification emails directly from your email, the system will still post your response, but none of the augmented features (tracking, bookmarking, suggested posts, draft save, drag and drop uploading, tagging, liking, profile pictures, and all the others) will work if you are simply replying by email.

@leah-ganoksin-admin can correct me if this explanation is incorrect. if you think the problem is something else, let us know please at

The best way to use the system is either logged in from your computer, or logged in from your mobile phone (it works perfectly on mobile).

Hey! Ever rented a car when your 20 year old rust bucket has to spend a week in the shop?
WHAT!? The gear shift is on the dashboard??? WTF is Aux In? How do you turn on the headlights?
By the end of the week when you get back into your old car, you realize how sweet it was, this past week, to have a smooth ride, no wind noise and commercial free tunes…
Just say’n

@kenweston - exactly.

And what do you do when the shop tells you that your old rust bucket has been living on borrowed time, and the cost to fix her is triple what she’s worth? :slight_smile:

Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and learn WTF “aux in” is supposed to do. And pretty soon, you actually begin to appreciate the fact that the headlights turn on automatically when it gets dark.

The old Orchid went to the junkyard. The new Orchid is here, and she is fully loaded (leather interior, the works).

Orchid. On your bench and at your fingertips. Searchable and slick. I’m liking the new model. Full throttle Seth. :smirk:

Karen Christians
Western Avenue Studios, #506
121 Western Ave
Lowell, MA 01851


I agree the new site is offering much more and in time I will be grateful.
However, still loving and loyal to old Orchid and still grateful to Hanuman.

The old Orchid was a marvelous friend to a few hundred of us. Perhaps “junkyard”
is not the appropriate word.

Mary A

Hi @Atwater_Mary - forgive me, I was following along with the car metaphors :slight_smile: The bones of all that folks loved are still here, and without the work of Hanuman, none of this would have existed. So you are right :slight_smile: