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New horizons

Hi Orchidians;

I just though I’d let folks know what I’m up to these days. I left
my day job in Northern Michigan and moved to Central New York state
and opened up a trade shop. I’ve done work for some of you out
there in Orchidland already, but now you’ll have to reach me at my
new facility. If any of you are interested in having work done, I
can do repairs, fabrication, stone setting, small casting runs (no
platinum but can sub that out), wax models, rubber molds, design and
rendering. About the only things I don’t do are hand engraving.
laser work (can sub that) and watch works (although I can repair the
cases, including old ones). I’ll even keep track of anything I do
for Orchid members and send 5 percent of the gross charges (not
including shipping) to Ganoksin/Orchid. I’m willing to do this for
one year, then I’ll see how I can redetermine my regular
contribution. Although I contribute now, at this time I don’t have
the cash flow to become a sponsor. Hope I can change that soon.

contact me at:@David_L_Huffman_Stud and I’ll get more information
out to you.

David L. Huffman
David L. Huffman Studios, Inc.