New hermes inside ring engraver

I have inherited a wonderful older model new hermes inside ring

it is model RVII 8197… I sent it to Gravotech for adjustment and
they wanted to charge me

$420.00. plus shipping. They are charging me a $100.00 estimate fee.
GEEZZZ…That seems pretty outrageous to me. That is more that what I
can buy it for.

There are no electronic parts. I am sure there are simple
adjustments if you know what they are.

all the parts are there and in good condition. Brand new stylus.
Does any one know how to adjust this baby to get it

working properly?

thanks Micky Roof.

hi micky, can you email me pictures? I might be able to help. tom

I’ve had 2 or three of these over the years and don’t think I ever
made or had any adjustments made other than the stylus adjustments
and ratio. seems to me you pretty much set the beams and you’re
done… that does sound like they need a quick boat payment over
there. I sold 2 of mine for about the same monies they want. If you
are close to me in WA state I could dial it in without a charge I

You might want to get a manual possibly from ebay…