New hermes engraver

Hi all,

I have a desktop model New Hermes engraver that is acting funny. It
will not engrave in a straight line. New Hermes will not service it,
which I find amazing (and frustrating). Is there anyone out there who
works on these?

In the midst of the usual Christmas frenzy,
Julia Newton

It will not engrave in a straight line. 

julia -

i ran into that once with my model manual new hermes & it was a
loose connection at one of the ‘elbows’ that carried the diamond
point/stylus to the templates. if you have a manual model it could
also be a loose stylus or the set bolts that hold the templates onto
the adjustable table - or it could be that some evil creature, for
lack of something better to do with its time, has placed a curse on
the engraver. try one of the mechanical remedies or call in an
exorcist; some repairmen are not as capable as a good exorcist.
unfortunately i don’t have the name of the one my former spouse used
not long after i ‘left spouse & home’ when, early one morning, the
billiards table down in the playroom moved several inches across the

good luck -
who wouldn’t have wasted energy on a billiards table -