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New Here

My name is Susan Fonda. I am a jewelry designer and a graduate of GIA. I started metalsmithing as a hobby. I make custom pieces and do some minor repair work. I recently started developing a business plan because it seems a lot of people I know want either repair work and more custom pieces. But, I thought why not make a small retail online business as well ?

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Great thing to do. I get business from all around me as there is no-one who will design and create the finished product around me. It is a joy to make so many people happy.

In 10 years doing this I have had only 2 requests due to the web site. Nice web site. One actually wanted something like I had made previously, the other called me because no one in their area in another state would touch it.

I am morphing my business to do only custom work. My web site has to be totally renovated to show my process starting from first client contact.

Good luck with your endeavor. Referrals are so much of this equation.

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Thank you. I am trying to build a website now. In hopes to take all of gemstones now and start working pieces together and hope to put something together. I have a workbench set up and am hoping maybe someone can suggest a good website builder ?