New guild in San Antonio

My name is Anne Smarzik. I’m a metalsmith living in San Antonio,
Texas, and I’m thinking of organizing a San Antonio Guild for
Metalsmiths. If you live in San Antonio or the surrounding area, let
me know if you are interested in being part of a group that would be
like a support group for metalsmiths. It would also include lapidary
artists and gemologists if they are interested. I don’t have any
experience with starting or running a guild, but I do know how
lonely it can feel to work alone at a bench without input or support.
I’m hoping to make contact with other metalsmiths/jewelry artists in
or near San Antonio who share my passion for the craft who are
willing to share thoughts, ideas, techniques, triumphs, failures, and
maybe even go in together on bulk ordering of metals, tools, and
other supplies. I want this to be free of charge - no dues, and I’m
imagining that the Guild would meet once every three months on a
Saturday afternnoons. I’m open to suggestions!

Also, I will be giving some beginning metals workshops in my studio
starting in June of 2010. I have experience with basic construction,
soldering, etching, cold connections, lost wax casting, mixed media,
enameling, glass fusing, chain making, stamping, hydraulic press
forming and die cutting, and more. If you are interested in
attending a workshop please check out the “Workshops” page on my
website at You can email me offline to get more
or to contact me about the Guild.

I look forward to hearing from you,


My name is Barbara Stewart and I also live in San Antonio. I am a
rank beginner, but would be interested in being a part of a guild.
Currently, my time is limited since I have a full time job, but I
would love to participate whenever I could.

As a beginner, I am interested in any workshop I can find. I took a
metalsmithing class at the SA School of Arts and Crafts, but was
unable to finish, but I also didn’t enjoy the class very much. I have
taken classes at WireWorks and enjoyed them. I am very interested in
learning cold connections and getting better at soldering.

Anyway. Yes, I’m interested.