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[New Gallery] XY broach by Bryan Steagall

Artist: Bryan Steagall
Orchid Gallery:

XY broach by Bryan Steagall

This particular piece has an interesting story, made as a
project for my metalsmithing class, the project involved using
one image in a piece a minimum of 20 times while maintaining a
cohesive whole. The resulting piece elicited considerable
laughter by those who have guessed what the elements are. It has
since become one of my more popular production pieces. The title
of the pin is “XY broach”

The Orchid Gallery is the visual front of the Orchid list. It is
here where we show each other with our creations. Send us your
entry as an Email attachment to [Lapidary,
gem cutters and gem carvers are also welcome to participate!]


I loved your XY production brooch, nice job. For the last eight
years or so I’ve made a single stud earring out of that same
element, and everyone who figures it out gets a good laugh. Its
curious how many don’t notice exactly what it is. I originally
made it as part of my men’s line, but soon noticed that more
single women were purchasing them. I think that the women might
see the element as a sort of fishing lure, possibly having the
ability to attract more of its kind… What do you think? Wish
I had one of those nifty cameras everyone is talking about so
that I could show you. Here’s wishing all of you a Happy
Holiday, and thanks for all of the great new sources and info.
Success in the New Year!


Great piece Bryan. It might be fun to wear with the family
jewels silver crocheted condom. LOL Seriously though, what a
neat design.


Could you make that silver condom a day glo?

I have a big smile on my face. Marilyn Smith