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[New Gallery] Wm. Mason - Metaphysical Jewelry

Artist: Wm. Mason
Orchid Gallery:

            Wm. Mason - Metaphysical Jewelry

At Mystical Grits unique & unusual metaphysical jewelry is the
forte of Wm. Mason.

Using a large selection of gems, crystals , minerals & metals, I
allow the energy of the stones to interact and guide me in
creating a work that reflects my love of life and joy in creating

The amulets and talisman I make are attuned to resonate with the
person who finds that they want “THAT PIECE”, before I meet
them. To assist them in enjoying the beauty , abundance and
freedom this life offers.

“Slow Motion Ocean”. When I cut the chrysocolla I could feel that it
would be really soothing if I kept the matrix and gave it rounded
edges. As I looked at the chrysocolla the blueness felt oceanic to
me. I had also recently cut some rutilated quartz that had an
interesting eruption of rutile sprays. The shapes of both stones
really created a sense of motion and calm that is conveyed by the
slow curves of the silver wire and the spheres caught in the
meanders of the folds.

In the second piece, called “Feeling The Flow”, it is easy to see
the flow revealed when I polished the malachite. The asymetric shape
feels like the way a river expresses itself as well. The rutilated
quartz is cut from the same stone as in the preceding work. Again
the spray of golden rutile is an awesome foil for the green-ness of
the of the malachite. The silver wire meanders gently forming an
easy nexus between the two elements, while implying upwelling

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