[New Gallery] Tammy Kirks

Artist: Tammy Kirks
Orchid Gallery: http://www.ganoksin.com/orchid/kirks.htm

Textile and furniture designs of the 1950s and 60s are prevalent
themes in my work. The use of geometric patterns is recurring, but
the circle is my personal favorite. In my mind, circles signify
completion and perfection, two characteristics I strive to achieve
in my designs. Influences of notable designers such as George
Nelson, Vernor Panton and Frank Lloyd Wright can also be found in
all of my pieces as I interpret the elements of line, color, spatial
relationships, and negative versus positive.

Initially creating in sterling silver for its forgiving properties,
in recent years I have added the challenges of working in 14k and
22k gold, vitreous enamels and nickel. Within these metals, I
explore techniques of granulation, cloisonne, and married metal. No
pieces are cast, but created by hand from raw materials, ensuring
that each piece carries with it a unique fingerprint and human
quality unachievable by mass production techniques.

Vitreous enamels, granulation and married metal techniques allow me
to add color and texture to my pieces on an individual basis. With
the married metal work, nickel surfaces gain their patina from torch
firing which allows for the formation of distinctive colors. The
result is an organic appearance, similar to leather or rust.

I create my own original cloisonne patterns individually and use
unleaded enamels for color. I particularly like the stark contrast
achieved using bright colors against a dark background, which is
reminiscent of the mod prints of the1960s. The addition of 14k and
22k gold in my work adds richness not achieved by sterling silver
alone. By combining the two metals, I can create a warm and cool
palette in one piece.