[New Gallery] Ruslana Zitserman

Artist: Ruslana Zitserman
Orchid Gallery: http://www.ganoksin.com/orchid/ruslana.htm

I chose jewelry as an outlet for my creative ideas because it is
wearable, living art. Whereas other art forms, such as painting and
sculpture to name a few, are stationary and always remain in place
(museums or owners’ homes), jewelry is both stationary and mobile.
In its “stationary” incarnation, when the piece is not worn, it
becomes a private work of art, known only to its owner. In its
mobile state, the jewelry object not only physically moves with its
wearer and on its wearer, but also has a metaphysical quality of
transforming its shape and color. While being worn, a jewelry piece
is a moving, fluid three-dimensional object that can be seen from
different angles and reflect different colors.

As a wearable art object, jewelry can be realized through
innumerable visual transformations in the context of woman’s body as
well. Its power lies in its ability to be disseminated and
transformed through its owner who adds her own perspective in the
way she presents it. This interaction of the jewelry object and its
owner is a very important factor for me, where together they not
only create a strong visual statement but also possess an intimate
tactile relationship, in which only the artist and the owner
understand the full richness of the piece of jewelry.

In every one of my designs, the allegory of its shape, the metaphor
of its color and texture, the symbolism of its name merge into a
mystery story with no finale. This story mixes together past,
present and future, different cultures, experiences and emotions. I
invent the outline, fill in the details, but a distinct epilogue
will be created by the future owner of the piece every time she
wears it. The balance between the aesthetics of the piece, the
outward image of the woman and the inner world she projects ignites
the original mystery, making it burst into flames of many shapes.
Imagining these different finales is what compels me to keep on
inventing my jewelry stories.