[New Gallery] Richard Whitehouse

Artist: Richard Whitehouse
Email: rich@rw.clara.net
Orchid Gallery: http://www.ganoksin.com/orchid/whitehouse.htm

I live in East Anglia, in part of that area that is called
“Constable Country”, made famous by The famous artist, John
Constable. He immortalised much of the scenery in this area.
There has been a very strong movement to keep the area free of
modern development. Creating and area of outstanding natural
beauty whic attracts a large number of tourists each year. I am a
manufacturer of silverware and jewellery. I have my own workshop
which I built entirely from scratch (including the brickwork). At
present I am manufacturing highly detailed silver miniatures
which I sell to high end retailers in the UK and abroad

I am expanding my product base to include silverware, a range of
jewellery and the restoration of antique silver. The market for
silverware in the UK is fairly buoyant again after a long slump
in interest in precious metals. The country’s economy is sound at
present with national output rising. There is money available for
people to spend on luxury goods into which silver fits very well.
The price of raw silver is also fairly low, this helps to keep
overheads for manufacturers down.

I am particularly interested in lost wax casting for a
manufacturing process. Many of the items I manufacture are made
using lost wax casting. This is a method of casting which has
remained unchanged for many years, and depends to a large extent
on highly skilled operatives. I manufacture quite complex
patterns which put considerable demands on the casters ability.
The results are usually excellent and of good quality.

I also have my own DTP system which apart from letter writing
etc. I use to design web pages.

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