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[New Gallery] Patty Cokus

Artist: Patty Cokus
Email: pcokus AT
Orchid Gallery:

I=92ve always been drawn to metal as a material and eventually made my
way to Massachusetts College of Art in Boston receiving my BFA in
small metals in 2000. Following graduation I moved to Seattle, WA
with my boyfriend Sean, a glassblower. I set up my own studio to
pursue my jewelry as well as working for several studio jewelry
artists. I was an active member in the Seattle Metals Guild as well
as on the committee for the Northwest Jewelry Metals Symposium. I
have exhibited nationally with a chess piece traveling
internationally through Velvet da Vinci gallery. In the fall of 2003
I moved to Alfred, NY with Sean so he could attend graduate school
for glass. I have continued working on my own and have recently had
my Articulated Frusta: Ring #1 grace the cover of 1000 Rings
published by Lark.

1000 Rings: Inspiring Adornments for the Hand
By Marthe Le Van , Robert W. Edendorf

Price: $10.01

Media: Paperback
Manufacturer : Lark Books (NC)
Release data : 01 October, 2004

Statement: Articulated Frusta

Inspired by an amazing collapsible cup that transforms from a flat
object to a container able to hold liquid, the Articulated Frusta
series is an exploration of constructing with frusta, or cone
segments. I hand fabricate metal to produce multiple freely growing
and receding wearable forms. Each piece transforms with the
slightest touch or movement of the wearer, expanding and collapsing
and twisting into various positions with subtle sounds revealing
every shift.