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[New Gallery] Nathaniel Snell

Artist: Nathaniel Snell
Orchid Gallery:

I started making jewellery about October 2004 when I started a night
course in Silversmithing and Jewellery Making. It is about 9 months
later and I now have a little studio set-up in the box room at home.
At the moment I am only making peices that I can create in an hour
or two so they can be made on an evening after work. This is
allowing me to practice the basics and have fun.

As my wife (Fiz) and I also work in computing we have naturally
set-up a simple online shop to sell my jewellery so I can continue
to practice my Silversmithing and create new pieces.

About the Photos

The pieces pictures here are a small selection of items I have
created. They include:

Beach Artifacts, my wife and I collect beach glass and other
naturally formed artifacts, shaped and smoothed by the tides, for
uses in a unique range of pendants and rings;

Fun Stuff, the flower on the ring spins freely and is fun to play
with and funky to wear.