[New Gallery] Lisa Bialac-Jehle

Artist: Lisa Bialac-Jehle
Orchid Gallery: http://www.ganoksin.com/orchid/bialac.htm

Sweeping statements about myself are not my strong suit. As anyone
who knows me can tell you, anything else is fair game. I can
certainly state that I am driven to make things. I feel that all of
the magic goes into the process. Sounds pretty hokey I suppose, but
finishing each piece to me, is like finishing a prayer. I lose the
connection when the piece is complete. I hope people who see the
things I make and are actually moved enough to want to pay to possess
them, take the work home and create their own magic.

Thanks to Hanuman for all of his hard work on our galleries! They
look great as always. For those who wrote and asked, all of the work
in my gallery is 22k, hand fabricated and forged. I carved the
figure in the ring from fossil walrus tusk, and the center stone in
the bottom pendant was cut by Steven Avery.

Lisa, (it is snowing in Malibu this morning. Greyhounds are wearing
two coats! I would say that it is a bit chilly.), Topanga, C A USA

Beautiful! Beautiful! Lisa and everyone else too!!
Thank you for sharing.