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[New Gallery] Larry Seiger - Showcase

Artist: Larry Seiger
Orchid Gallery:

I grew up in a jewelry store in rural Oklahoma determined not to
become a jeweler. My father was more of a watch and clock maker so
he never really

encouraged me to learn jewelry making. Truth be told he was
probably worried I’d burn down the store. Anyway, I still managed
to contract “gold fever”

and went off to a trade school that had a jewelry manufacturing
department. I think the only reason my parents paid for it was that
there was a watch and clock department there, too. I graduated
without so much as picking up a pair of watchmakers tweezers thanks
to my teacher who told my Dad that my hands were too oily to do
watch work (thanks Mr. Lawrence).

It’s almost 20 years later and I still have the same sense of wonder

making jewelry as I did when I started. In 1997 I was the 4th
jeweler in the USA to pass the Jewelers of America Master Bench
Jeweler Certification Program and I just won 2nd place in the AGTA
Spectrum Awards, evening wear

division. I sell my work at craft shows around the country and in

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