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[New Gallery] Kim Eric Lilot

Artist: Kim Eric Lilot
Orchid Gallery:

The beauty of life is that we all carry our unique sensitivities.
For me it is being mindful that Death walks beside us. The awareness
of our mortality directs me to the preciousness of life and it is in
this spirit that I work to leave behind ‘living’ reminders.

Life is filled with contrasts. There is no sunrise without darkness,
nor joy without sorrow. It is this opposing cycle of life to which
we must all celebrate; for in the end it is death that gives to

As an artist these are the realizations that I constantly face which
enable me to chanel my energy towards transforming those primal
fears into reminders of the beauty and diversity of life surrounding
us all.

'When? Where? Why?'
Description: Brooch. Hand fabricated and cast (18kt yellow
gold figure) in reticulated silver (field), Mokume Gane
(cross-like telephone pole), 14kt white gold (window slats),
Platinum (telephone wires), Lapis Lazuli (sky), slate (road)
and African Kola wood (window frame).

'Self-Portrait With Friend’
Description: Brooch. Fabricated and cast elements in 18kt
yellow golds, oxidized silver (hair), Platinum eye-glasses
(with Titanium lenses) and a 14kt white gold skeletal hand.
The suit is carved in Black Onyx by Dr. Dieter Lorenz.
Property of the Oakland Museum of Art. Oakland, California.

'A Beautiful Ending’
Cast and hand-fabricated in 24, 18 & 14kt yellow, white, green
and rose golds. Bezel set with a 2.55ct Australian Fire Opal.
Lentoid clasp design.

Kim Eric Lilot.
San Francisco, California.

Hi Kim Eric Lilot,

Thanks for sharing your gorgeous work with all of us! Kinda funny,
but I actually checked out your site the day before Hanuman sent the
link to your new gallery - musta been a fit of prescience. Your
designs are wonderful: personal and personable, mindful of mortality
without being macabre. I especially liked “An Articulated Tribute
to the Ultimate Master” - wearing it would be like getting a big hug
from Death :slight_smile: Amazing workmanship, as well.

Say, have you ever read Terry Pratchett? I think he’d be right up
your alley - “Mort,” “Reaper Man,” and “Small Gods” are good to
start on.

Jessee Smith