[New Gallery] Joanna Gollberg

Artist: Joanna Gollberg
Orchid Gallery: http://www.ganoksin.com/orchid/joanna-gollberg.htm

My work is based on how materials and tools work together to help me
design: what the metal can do…how I can fit different shapes
together. I am interested in repetitive elements, in movement, and
pushing the boundaries of what might be called traditional jewelry,
while keeping the work extremely wearable and functional. Basically,
I love to make wearable pieces out of metal. It is what pays the
bills, but also what makes me happy.

I also supplement my income by teaching workshops at places such as
Arrowmont School of crafts, John C Campbell folk school, and pen
land school of crafts. I have written 3 books on how to make
jewelry: Making Metal Jewelry, a book all about cold connections,
Creative Metal Crafts, a book on making functional items out of
metal for your home, and The Art and Craft of Making Jewelry, a book
that covers a bunch of metal working techniques in how-to format in
addition to having a really great full color artist gallery.