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[New Gallery] Jim Binnion - Mokume Gane

Artist: Jim Binnion
Email: jbin AT
Orchid Gallery:

Mokume translates from Japanese as “wood eye” which refers to the
burl type of wood grain and gane means " metal". The technique was
originally created to make parts of the handle for the samurai’s
sword. The beautiful patterns in these pieces for the handle would
reflect similar patterns developed in the forging of the sword
blade. Today the beautiful and unique patterns in mokume are used to
create one of a kind rings and jewelry.

After extensive research on this ancient technique, I have developed
my own modern method for making mokume gane using currently
available equipment and materials. In my work I fuse sheets of
platinum, gold, and silver alloys together. I then forge and carve
the stack to create unique patterns in the metal.

Jim, The work in your new Orchid Gallery is beautiful. The teapot is

All the best, Joel

Joel Schwalb

Dear Jim!! I am in total awe of your work. The elegance of design
and beauty of the execution knocked my socks off! It is the kind of
thing that made me want to get into metal working in the first place.

Thanks for the look.
Harry @ Metal Arts Ent.

Orchid Gallery: 

Jim Binnion is one of the most generous, knowledgeable individuals
I’ve had the good fortune to meet. Over the years, I’ve had the good
graces to benefit from his adroit knowledge and kindness. We are
lucky to have a person like him in our community.

rp leaf

Wow. What fantastically beautiful work. They are truly masterpieces.

Lee Epperson