[New Gallery] Frank Goss - Showcase

Artist: Frank Goss
Email: frankgo@earthlink.net
Orchid Gallery: http://www.ganoksin.com/orchid/frank_goss.htm

Designs from the studio of Frank S. Goss Custom Jeweler

A geometric form ring Inspired by architectural constructions.
Cast in 14kt Yellow Gold and set with a shield cut Garnet and two
baggette diamonds weight .52ct and one round diamond weight
.19ct. I was asked to design a piece of jewelry for tha
University of Houston School of Arcitecture fund raiser as an
auction piece. This was one of the designs. This particular
piece was donated for auction to Sterge Webber Foundation for
their fund raiser.

Architectual Design Ring Cast 18kt yellow gold w/ shield cut
amethyst trapped in a partial bezel. Designed for The University
of Houston School of Architecture “Blueprint Ball” silent
auction. Inspired by girder constructs on bridges and buildings.

A Pin for a chemical engineer. Cast in 14kt yellow gold bezel set
with an amethyst cab and three Tsavorite Garnets. The piece was
inspired by the glass equipement in a chem lab. I was exploring
the use of a repeated design element rotated on a polar axis and
at progressive heights.

Earrings in Layers Fabricated in 14kt yellow gold bezel set
amethyst and Tsavorite Garnets These earrings are a companion
piece to the previous pin for a chemical engineer. I was trying
to develop a more three dimentional look to the design by adding
a second layer seperated by the tubing set with the Tsavorite
Garnets. I also was exploring my favorite subject of the appeal
of repeated design element within a total design structure.

A ring in 18kt yellow gold set with 1.78ct cushion cut emerald
and .20 ct diamonds. This ring is one of the series of
architectual designs I have been exploring. The emerald is
suspended over the finger by a strut like structure that is
accented by two bead set diamonds. The thing I like the most
about this piece is the view of the emerald that is made
possible under the bezel by the open work of the design. Although
it seems insubstantial, the very nature of the adapted triangles
formed by the struts provideds a very rigid structure.

The Oceans Gift Cast piece in 14kt yellow and white gold set with
a 12mm grey pearl and four .10ct diamonds bead set across the
ring. The wave form rises on one side to protect the pearl and
complement the grey color with the white gold. The band of
diamonds set opposite as the sparkle and foam of a past wave.
This piece was inspired by the ocean and her gem the Pearl.

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email frankgo@earthlink.net

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