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[New Gallery] Ann Biederman

Artist: Ann Biederman
Orchid Gallery:

I have been doing metal work and jewelry for the past 30 years. I
taught art to deaf children for twenty years, while working on my
craft and learning as many techniques as possible. My love of the
ancient civilzations art work is reflected in my own work. The
ancients work was so exquisite and timeless and the artisans hand
can be felt in the work. I try to create pieces that have the same
qualities. I work in 22k gold, which I leave unpolished , so that it
takes on its own rich patina. My work combines granulation, bezel
stone setting, chasing and repousse, lapidary fusing and soldering.

Artist: Ann Biederman
Orchid Gallery:

I went to see the Byzantine exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum
several times while it was in New York. The layers of gold leafing
on these ancient paintings enthralled me and stirred up my
imagination. I thought about how to incorporate these multiicolored,
multilayed colors of yellows and reds and oranges into my jewelry
work. I have been experimenting with using various thicknesses of
24k gold foil fused onto silver, electrum and 22k gold and using
various patinas to create interesting colored surfaces onto my work.
I find that layering thinner foil leads to more interesting and
varied colors in my work. After taking Valentin Yotkovs miniature
vessel workshop I started to apply the kum boo to my vessels.
Ancient symbols and icons have inspired me in creating new pieces
using the kum boo technique.