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New Foundland

A thousand years ago a Norse viking, Leif Eriksson, found ‘The New
World’, at least he was - probably - the first European to set foot
on the American continent.

The Viking Trail Tourism Association is celebrating this Millenium
with a lot of activities, among others a large re-enactor encampment
in Norstead near L-Anse aux Meadows on The Great Northern Peninsula
of New Foundland.

I have with very short notice been asked to participate and to show
how the vikings made their famous silver drinking cups, and here is
my sigh for help: Silver smithing tools/stake anvils are quite heavy,
especially as luggage/air transport. Is there any orchid member in
the vicinity who could borrow me some stakes? I’m leaving friday and
arriving in St. John’s/NF on Saturday morning at 10:35 AM. Please
reply to my hotmail addr.:

And if any of all you kind Orchid people will be on the Viking Trail
from Sunday 20th till Saturday 2nd September, please look me up.

Kind regards
Betty & Niels L�vschal, Jyllinge, Denmark
phone (+45) 46 78 89 94

Hi Charles

Thanks for your efford concerning my visit to the Newfound Land.

However it came on so late, that I did not reach to get in contact
with any of the people over there before i left, so I had to decide
what to do, and I decided to bring the necessary stake anvils/irons
and hammers all the way up to l’Anse aux Meadows. And I’m glad, I

The kindliness, hospitality and helpfulness, which I met up there,
was second to none. I hope I left a little of my skill up there with
the very skillfull people, which I met on the Northern Peninsula, -
and for sure - I left a bit of my heart on ‘The Rock’.

Kind regards
Betty & Niels L�vschal, Jyllinge, Denmark
phone (+45) 46 78 89 94