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New Find of Plume, Picture Jasper Agate

All, I have been involved for the past month with a miner friend who
has a new find. Having lost several new finds to larger, aggressive
groups he has asked me to market this stone and keep him isolated
from the scene. I agreed as this material is very unique and is of
jewelry and display quality. I have cut a few cabs to test the
ability of the material to polish and durability. This material
passed all my tests.

The jasper in this material is opaque and brightly colored orange
yellow to red orange and the agate surronding the jasper is filled
with filaments, dendrites and sprays of greens, yellows, and reds. I
just posted several cabs on Ebay under the heading of Verde Garden
Agate. Do a search on the stone and you will see what I am talking
about. These cabs were the mid range for this material. I have
several cabs that look just like a mountain meadow with wild paint
brush flowers. Marty, my wife, will be posting a special page on our
website in about a week or two as I gear up production in this

Rough is not for sale at this point as we are exploring the
possibilites of this find. Most of the rocks from this find are
quite large. Boulders from 50 pounds to 300 pounds. Some of the
boulders have scenes so bright and unusual they will be sold as
collector slabs and not cut for jewelry.

Gerry Galarneau