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[New Feature][FTP] Celtic Knotwork Program



We are pleased to announce that a new tool for the jewelers is
now freely available at

Knots3D is a cool application that creates computer generated
Celtic Knots. We are sure that every jewelry designer will find
it useful and time saving for his work.

Knots3D is written in Visual Basic 6. It comes with a built-in
help file. You’ll need a reasonable Pentium to get the best out
of Knots3D.

The program is written and maintained by Steve Abbott, but would
not exist in its current form without the ideas and suggestions
sent in by many visitors to his web site.

More especially, the algorithm for creating the knots was
completely updated thanks to the brilliant co-operation of
Christian Mercat, a French mathematician. Christian is not only
an expert on the maths of knots, but also teaches knot design
classes based on his elegant algorithm. would like to thank Mr. Steve Abbott for sharing
his program with us.

Thank you Steve!

Learn More at:

Download The Freeware Program (1.6 Mb) at:



This looks very interesting, though I normally use a more traditional
design for my rings. Lately there have been some requests for odd shaped
knots, and this might very well offer a means of fulfilling them. Thanks!

I would be interested in seeing what results from this in other folk’s
work, as well. Has anyone started using it already? Most of the wire work
that I see is “wire wrapping” an entirely different approach from mine, so
actual knots made from these designs are right up my alley. :wink:

Loren Damewood