[New England] Precious Metal Clay Workshop

Snow Farm, The New England Craft Program is offering a workshop
"Textural Dialogue: Developing Textures for Precious Metal Clay"
with Instructor Linda Kaye-Moses, on the weekend of June 25-27,
2004. The focus of this class will be on textural techniques that
translate well for PMC, as this medium is very responsive to
textures and dimension. Among the techniques covered will be:
stamping, roll-printing, embossing, micro-folding, carving,
moldmaking and more. Students will be encouraged to develop original
textural tools and will apply them to PMC projects.

Snow Farm, The New England Craft Program, is a non-profit
institution offering intensive workshops in a wide range of jewelry
(and many other media) techniques and skills throughout the year.
Located in the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts, housing and board
are available for all workshops.

Contact Information:

School: Snow Farm, The New England Craft Program
Address: 5 Clary Road, Williamsburg, MA 012096
Phone: 413.268.3101
Fax: 413.268.3163
Web Address: wwwinfo@snowfarm-art.org.snowfarm.org