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New Enameling Book

Hi all: A little advertising, but this book answers a lot of the
questions we have been getting on Orchid lately on enameling.

A new enameling book has just been released called “Enameling with
Professionals” by Lilyan Bachrach Edited and published by Lilyan
Bachrach, enamelist of Bachrach Art Enamels since 1970

More than 20 of the leading enamelists describe the working methods
they have developed for their specialized enameling techniques.

Topics include: Cloisonn with fine silver and/or gold wires on fine
silver, sterling, copper and steel-Karat
golds-champleve-crayons-watercolors–large scale
mosaics-portraits-grisaille-deep bowls-overglazes-Riso screen-torch
firing-foils-basse taille-PMC
enameling-plique-a-jours-electroforming-ferric chloride and nitric
acid etching-and charts. Also a beginner’s course in enameling.

Over 200 pages, including 32 pages of color photographs with a
preface by Woodrow Carpenter of Thompson Enamel.

Lilyan started the book in the 1970’s and due to life circumstances
put it on hold. Finally, the book is out in hardcover. It is truly
a labor of love a beautiful book.

The enamelists that contributed to the book are as follows:

Lilyan Bachrach, Sandra Bradshaw, Linda Crawford, P. Alexa Foley,
MA, Edward J. Friedman, Falcher Fusager (Magik), Jenny Gore,
Marianne Hunter, June E. Jasen, Jean Foster Jenkins, John
Killmaster, Audrey Komrad, Ora K. Kuller, Deborah Lozier, Sarah
Perkins, Merry-Lee Rae, June Schwarcz, Marian Slepian, Judy Stone,
Mona Szaboados, Joann Tanzer, Joseph Trippetti, Jean Bormelker,
Phyllis Wallen, Ginny Whitney, Woodrow Carpenter from Thompson
Enamel and Stuart Grice, Mill Products Director, Hoover &
Strong.(Karat Gold Alloys).

An important addition to your enameling library.

For more go to my website.

Linda Crawford
Linda Crawford Designs
Willits, CA