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New Electronic Gold Testers (need some advice/tips)

Greetings from Iowa,

I’ve finally got some money to pop for an electronic gold test kit
(the ones where you just place a probe on the unidentified metal, and
it tells you if it’s gold, and what carat the gold is)–no acid, no
needles, all electronic.

I’ve found a few, but I’m having difficulty understanding their
"accuracy quotient"

There are some (very few) wire-wrappers that use 14K 1/10 Gold Filled
– this would cause 10% of the weight of the wire to be 14K, and that
10% would all be on the outside. Hmmm, I’m wondering how it can test
past that much outer surface gold, or if it can.

There’s also one (although I can’t seem to locate it anywhere) that
claims to test for Gold Filled. Now, I’m wondering, would that be
"old" gold filled (which has no outer layer of pure gold, just a
blend that usually works out to 1-4 ct gold) or the “new” gold
filled, in which all the gold is on the outside/surface of the piece.

The prices in the typical major supply catalogs are outrageous, and
I’ve found one place on the web that sells them for a more realistic
price, but there’s no explanations, just a picture and a price :frowning:

So, can anyone out there advise me to the best brands, best pricing,
best supplier, how they work, how accurate they seem to be, etc.?
I’m in the market to spend up to $250 (but of course I’d like to
spend less :slight_smile: I spend a LOT of time scavenging for old victorian
pieces, and the “old gold filled” thing would be quite an advantage
– not to mention that a few of them actually test for 9K as well.

Thanks in advance for any tips and advice,

Kristi Stutt
Wire Wrapping Etcetera

Attn. Kristi

None of the tester are able to detect plating. The most accurate way
of checking an article if it is made of gold or not is by its
Specific Gravity weight.

All Electronic Gold Testers are based on the Acid Test principle.
They have either a two part solution or a Gel which contains the

The advantage on using an electrical tester is that you do not have
to scratch the piece (It does leave a blemish or a mark on the spot).

If you are going to buy one then the GXL24 Pro is the best digital
electronic tester to test up to 24K but it costs more than $240.00.
If you do not need to go beyond 18K then the GT3000 is the best buy.
Both these units use a Gel.

Kenneth Singh

Hello Christi

Be sure that you will use your goldtester frequently. One of the
disadvantage of the acid gel based goldtester (GXL 24 PRO) is that
the gel will dry up if you don’t use it enough even if you close it
savely and well. A small addition which -I quess- you have to know.

Regards Pedro