New "E-Coated" Sterling Silver in Tucson

I’m bringing this up on the forum mainly because of all the recent
talk regarding “Fake” Rhodium-Plated sterling silver. I was in
Tucson yesterday and ran across several vendors selling sterling
silver with a sign that it was “E-Coated”. When I asked the vendors
what “E-Coating” was, they said that they did not know, but that it
was “like chrome”. Interesting…

The term E coating is an electrocoating method for applying paint.
see: The process is
explained. It seems to be a missused term here or is it a clear
lacquer type finish applied this way???. It is also possible
and more likely that this is a vacuum deposited coating which
could be called evaporative coating. Telescope mirrors are coated
this way. Even very cheap metalized plastic toy parts are coated
this way. It is also called PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) or
sputtering which is almost the same. It is widely used in making
semiconductors. see:

and download the pdf file. There is much more here than you ever
want to know but some of it should help.


Sounds like another lacquer that will get the jewelry out the door
before that bright finish begins to fail.

Bruce D. Holmgrain

Ecoating can include colorless transparent finishes - look at - a clear finish
recommended for costume jewellery etc. Perhaps this is what theymean
in Tucson?


Hello, I have been using an e-coating system for about 5 or 6 years
on jewelry we make, mostly out of Sterling Silver, Brass and Copper.
I first found out about e-coating, from a pen plating machine I
bought from Rio Grande. We were the first to buy the e-coating
machine from Rio Grande and the following year they dropped the
product. By then I was hooked and I have since then found my own
distributors of the chemical. All I can say is that, if it is
properly applied to the piece it will last for 5 years (so far). And
it sure makes my life easier during hot and muggy weekend juried
shows, since it will not tarnish. If you are interested in more info
contact me at esj AT Thanks, Andrea Ludden

Please give more on the E-Coating. Lloyd Butterfield.

Hi. Have started using ecoating on Brass and sterling silver jewelry recently. Facing some finishing isuues and need some technical help in this matter.