New drawbench!

Kenneth Singh has come up with a “new” version of his drawbench.
Mine arrived before I left for Tucson, but I’ve been busier than the
proverbial one-armed paperhanger for the past 4 weeks. (Not so
funny, now that I’ve lost part of the use of my own right arm?)
Anyway here’s a quick review:

Now made of aluminum, they weigh about 1/3 of what the previous
steel version did. It’s a simple, foolproof tool that arrives ready
to use including draw tongs. The cost of the drawbench is very
reasonable, only $176 + shipping! If you tried to make one yourself,
you’d be hard put to build one for less. By the time you run around
looking for the parts, put the strap and ring on the winch, sew it,
find a machinist (or set up to machine it yourself), mill and drill
the aluminum you’d find it close to impossible! I know this because
I’ve built three of my own over the years…

Simply prepare the end of your wire, drop in your drawplate (not
included), clamp the tongs, and crank the handle of the winch. The
tool can be used on any bench top, and is easily stored vertically
in a corner, or slid underneath your bench. Having a drawbench as
easy to use as this one will cut the size and cost of your wire
stock/inventory in half! You will recoup the cost of the tool and
drawplates in a very short time - plus you can make wire stock and
draw chain into shapes that are not commonly available. Once paid
for - the drawbench needs no maintenance, though you do want to keep
your drawplates lightly oiled if they are the steel variety.

By the way Kenneth, the ONLY alteration I made to your tool was to
drill two holes in the bottom of the channel. I have two matching
holes in the benchtop. Drop in a couple of steel pins to anchor it
in place while using, and pull them out to store it.

Kenneth can be reached at 46 Jewelry Supply - 800-221-4812 or

Brian P. Marshall