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New Cup Burs


Hello, I would like to share with the Orchid community my experience
with a new tool product. I bought a set of the new Fox-Germany
Champion Cup Burs. These differ from the traditional burs by having
only two cutting edges. These cutting edges are actually slits in
the cup which allow the metal to escape. I have been pleased with
the results especially when working in platinum which has the
propensity to clog cup burs. I try many new tools but decided to
post on these because I felt they are considerably different from
their predecessor and that they could be easily overlooked as just a

I bought mine from a local(Denver) dealer Housey & Zeckman
(800)279-1414 but I also received a mailer from Ken Kotoski at MPG
Repair (An Orchid member) introducing them to his inventory. Sorry
Ken, I couldn’t find your number.

I hope all who try these new burs like them as much as I do. Oh Yea,
the usual disclaimer, not affiliated and all of that, just happy.

John Sholl
Littleton, Colorado


These burs are imported by Eurotool. According to the Eurotool flier
I have they as having the following advantages: Outstanding "smooth"
surface prong eliminates addenda polishing procedure. No “clogging” on
softer metals, particularly platinum. Guaranteed to outlast a
conventional cup bur by over twice the lifetime. Less instrument
changing, more productivity. Easy to clean after use.

We have them on order with Eurotool currently and be another source
for them in the Denver area once they arrive. Unfortunately, at the
moment Eurotool has them on back order.

A2Z Metalsmith Supply Inc 
5151 S Federal Blvd Unit I-9 
Littleton CO 80123 
720 283-7200
Offering laser welder rental by the hour


Hi John;

Thanks for the review on those, I’ve been curious as to how well
they worked. Speaking of new products, your post reminded me that I
wanted to tell Orchidians about a product too. Stuller carries 3
sizes of higly polished carbide burnishers. I got the middle size,
after having bought the biggest size and found it a little too big.
I keep the burnisher within reach at all times now. I can burnish
down a pit, porosity, etc., or shine up a place I can’t get to to
polish, and the best part is that it doesn’t stick to platinum like a
steel burnisher. I suspect it might also be useful in Keum Boo work.
Cheap at twice the price. The usual disclaimers.

David L. Huffman


Champion Cup Bur. Has a cutting slit all along the length of the
cup. It acts like the pencil sharpner blade. I have not yet seen the
result or know what this feature may do for a jeweler. It will be of
great service to all of us if some one can describe what it will be
good for.

Like many other tools we did buy some of these and are they are
available at our 46 Jewelry Supply store.

Here in New York the Black Cup Burs (no brand comes from Germany)
are a lot more popular ( these are cup burs with teeth on the top
lip of the cup) A favorite for stone setters ( Pave). In fact in the
small sizes we hardly sell any of the regular / traditional cup

On Fox burs we have had reports that they work better on platinum
than Busch. In New York Busch is the most prefered Brand and outsells
the others by a wide margin.

Regards fro New York

Kenneth Singh
46 Jewelry Supply
46 West 46 St, NYC


John, Many thanks for your imput on the burs. I have seen them in Rio
and wondered if they were effective or not, I burn thru cup burrs
like crazy and now will try these because of your kindness to
post your results! Thanks again, Suzanne in unseasonably warm Florida!


Kenneth, I have personally tried the Lynx C-4 burs by Meisinger.
These concave cutters are really great. They cut faster and stay
sharp longer without loading like regular cup burs. The cross-hair
slit, inside the cutter, helps to remove metal and keep the bur from
loading and burnishing the metal. The slit also provides an
alternative cutting surface for a more aggressive cut longer lasting
cut. It also helps carry the lubricant, keeping the cutting edge
cooler and lubricated longer. This means that the bur lasts longer
and cuts cleaner. They are a great improvement over the regular
concave cutters or even the fast cut style which don’t have the
safety edge on them.

Phillip Scott G.G.
Technical Support & Sales
Rio Grande


Kenneth, Having been trained on the east coast I too have always been
a fan of Busch burs and will continue to use their burs for many
setting applications. Personally I have learned to finish most of my
prongs using needle files. This method may take a bit longer but I’m
not in production and I feel I get a more traditional look doing
this work by hand. However, on small stones and prongs that cannot
be reached with needle files I resort to cup burs. The fox burs as
mentioned in my previous post are great when working in platinum.
They cut fast and do not clog. A different touch is required, a
softer touch sort of feathering the cut. I have not used them on
gold. I chose to reserve them exclusively for platinum as to not
risk contaminating my platinum work.

As for the black cup bur with the teeth on the edges, I have never
used these. I have never found the need. The thought of using a cup
bur for pave kinda bothers the purest in me. But now that you
mention it, the business man in me is interested. Perhaps you can
elaborate on how they use them. Are they used to eliminate the
cutting prior to seating the stone or are they used in place of the
beading tool after the stones are set? What sizes are used by these
setters? Are they being used on true pave or just production pieces
with the bead work precut into the original model?

John Sholl
Littleton, Colorado