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New Books

Hello everyone in Orchidland - there are 2 new really wonderful
books out - I thought you might like to know about them. The first
is “Minimal Rings” by Arch Gregory, which was first released this
year at the SNAG conference. The other one, just release on 8/1/04,
is “1000 Rings”. This book, published by Lark Books, was curated by
Bob Ebendorf and contains work by several Orchid members.

Both books can be ordered thru: Charon Kransen Arts

357 W. 19th St.
New York, NY  10011

“1000 Rings” can also be found on and at

Here are the ISBNS for both:

“Minimal Rings” 0974767301

1000 Rings: Inspiring Adornments for the Hand

Very inspirational - enjoy!
Gini in hot, muggy Florida