[New Book] Secret Shop Weapons

Secret Shop Weapons
Technical Editors: Ann Cahoon and Chris Ploof
Price: $34.95

The 160-page volume features tools of every size, shape, and type,
from the high-tech (lasers, CAD/CAM, laptops) to such traditional
favorites as gravers, hammers, and saws. In separate chapters, the
jewelers and designers discuss why the tools are so valuable, how
they’re used, and what breakthroughs they’ve helped to achieve. The
book also includes dozens of related “Secret Shop Tips” to help make
jewelry making and design overall a little easier, as well as
step-by-step projects showing several of the tools in action.

Further projects are available online at a special Secret Shop
Weapons page on mjsa.org, which readers can access by using a
password provided in the book. The page features videos of the
book’s technical editors, Ann Cahoon and Chris Ploof, performing
demonstrations in which their and others’ “secret weapons” figure
prominently. New videos and slide shows will be posted regularly,
and readers will be invited to submit their own “secret weapons,”
adding a “virtual chapter” to the book.

The book includes nearly 200 full-color images and is available at


The Prime Sponsor of the book is Rio Grande, a leading industry
provider of tools, equipment, and other supplies, based in
Albuquerque, New Mexico.