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New bench tool: Durston jump ringer kit, custom storage board

Got this for giftmas and I am in love after one day using it! The jump rings come out perfect, not a burr in sight, and the blade is so sharp I can’t feel when it bites into the wire. Everything is made from heavy, solid metal- even the block for organizing the mandrels! I expected that to be plastic. To keep everything safe and organized, I made this board with padded brackets. I’ve got a quick-change handpiece for general use, so the h30 can stay permanently mounted in the guide- although I’m going to add a label on the board reminding me to check the alignment and mounting screw before each use just to be safe.

I was already a fan of making handmade chains, and the other thing that occurred to me is that this is perfect for making coiled endcaps for leather cord etc. Can’t wait to find out all of the other fun things I can do with it!

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Looks really good & enough makes me want to buy one! :sunglasses::+1:t3::heart:

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Durston makes good stuff. I own several pieces of their equipment, but I haven’t bought a jump ringer from them or others who make them. Maybe this year…Rob

The one I had really chewed up the jump rings (brand doesn’t matter).

A kind Orchidean pointed out that all these tools share a common defect - the cutting wheel turns the wrong direction when used left-handed. Sure enough, switching hands cured the problem.

I saw a T-shirt slogan “Everyone is born right-handed, only the gifted overcome it.” For the ‘gifted’ among us, cut with your right hand…

Neil A

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Neil…As a fellow left hander, thanks…Rob

It’s incredible. A batch of rings that would have taken me an hour before takes about 5min now.

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