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New Approach graduate bench jeweler course

Hey Everyone!

My first post, I hope it works :slight_smile:

I am new to metalsmithing, but am finding a very natural aptitude
for it, and would love to take it further and make a career out of
it (I am also just about to pass my Graduate Gemologist). I am
taking classes at a local college, but I would love to take the
three month course offered by the New Approach School for Jewelers
in Virginia Beach, then hopefully get abasic jewelers job afterward.

The first issue is the cost of the course - i (its $10,500 for 3
months - plus paying for accommodation at an extra 3k), but I also
wanted to know about the claims that I would be ready for JA level 2
certification after the course, and how realistic it is to expect to
get a job after completing the course? (I’m in New York so there are
plenty of jobs). I would just love to hear from anyone who has taken
classes there to - all feedback, go od and bad would be greatly
appreciated! Basically I need to know, is it worth the money
(although I know its not too bad for three months - I just don’t have
it!! :wink:

Many thanks!


how realistic it is to expect to get a job after completing the

When I attended my formal trade schooling I had a job ready for me
when I graduated. I thought I’d be the only one in my class who had a
job waiting for them, but I wasn’t. In my case, my family owned a
small jewelry store in a rural community, so it was a no brainer what
bench I’d be parking my behind at for the next few years. But another
student had done some serious research before attending school and
had worked at the store for over a year getting to know what was
expected after she got back from training. I’d suggest doing
something similar. Maybe you wouldn’t work for the store, but look
for jobs and employers before you go. Find out if they think you’re
doing the right thing. After all, you’ll have talk to them when you
graduate anyway. Why not make contacts now?

Good luck,


For the past 12 years I have been a recruiter in the retail jewelry
industry. I am very familiar with the New Approach School, as for the
last several years I have had the pleasure to work with the school
and many of their graduates successfully helping them find bench
jeweler employment. New Approach graduates are extremely well trained
and ready for their “first” bench job. Those I have placed in jobs
(probably 10 in number) have to a person done well with excellent
feedback from their employers. From my personal experience, if you
have a true passion for working with jewelry and the means to attend
their school, you will definitely graduate ready to enter the
workforce and be most employable. Good luck to you.

Vic Davis

Vic Davis & Associates, Inc.