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New Air Compressor Oil Vapor Filter

Hello Friends,

My oil vapor filter and it’s working great: No more nuisance smells!

My compressor for supplying air to my air gun, right angle grinder, and torches. Connected are are filters for moisture (red) and oil vapor (blue).

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My question is off this topic, but what torch do you use compressed air with and what is the gas? Thanks…Rob




At the end of the last post of this archived thread, Jim Binnion mentions a torch he uses with an air compressor: New Equipment, first torches

I was replying to Jeff Herman. Regardless of whom we are replying to, I am interested in hearing about gas and compressed air (from a compressor) torches. I have tried compressed air and propane as well as NG at street pressure in a Meco and Hoke torch and can’t get a reliable flame…Rob

Hi Jeff,

That compressor looks like a “run every day” installation. (and a “Hide in the garage so it doesn’t drive me batty” as well.)

Two suggestions:
A) Most important: take a look for an automatic tank drain. Like this:
The idea is that it vents the bottom of the tank for a few seconds every hour or so, so you don’t have to remember to blow down the tank every night. Keeps your tank from rusting out. Which is a very good thing indeed. Especially on a daily runner. Pretty much every serious industrial compressor install has one of these on the tank.

B) have you looked at Kaser industrial compressors? Like the screw or Airbox style? They’re more expensive than homeowner style compressors, but they go for thousands of hours, and they’re shockingly quiet for what they are. The good news is that they can be had used for…a thou or two. Yeah, it’s a lot more than a craftsman, but they’re intended for 24/7 maximum uptime use, and they deliver. Without blowing out your eardrums.


Note From Ganoksin Staff:
Looking for an air compressor for your jewelry projects? We recommend: