New 20" saw for sale

I have just acquired the rather large remains of a defunct rock shop. I am
offering here a 20" Magnum Hydro diamond slab saw. This saw is new, never
used. It has set in storage for several years, but has never cut a stone.
This brand as far as I know is no longer available on the market, and it
has some features I have never seen on another saw. It has both a motor
driven screw feed, and a hydrolic or air pressure feed for faster cutting.
It also has a combination of three different rock holding vises to hold
geodes, chunks of almost any size [within reason], and slab grabber type
holder to cut down to the last slice of material. It has a window and
interior light to be able to see what is going on inside, automatic shut
off, and an automatic blade sharpener. It has an outside reservoir and
pump to force oil on both sides of the blade and therefore does not rely
solely on oil pickup by the blade itself. This will allow the use of
smaller narrower blades to cut more expensive material, without adding
more oil to reach the blade. It has an included 20" blade, all the other
features you are used to seeing on a good slab saw, and has a very
powerful 3/4 horse motor set up for both 110 or 220 volts. According to
my 1997 Lortone catalog, one of their 18" saws [they don’t offer a 20"]
lists for $2275.00. I would like to ask $2000.00 plus shipping for this
unit, though I will consider offers, if $2000.00 is not forthcoming.
Thank You, Ron Schanfish