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"Never too late to learn!"

How important is learning to set stones? No matter your age or
country…‘Learning is a lifelong experience’. As for ‘this setter’, I’m
still learning new rules & setting techniques. One thing to remember, that
my essays are still so very important. These are 5 generations in the
making, you are the recipients of so many decades of writing & practicing
and past setters.
Imagine this, you are getting my essays from me!..Then these were taught
to me over 55 years ago. My setter/instructor learned his trade in London,
England back in 1940’s…his teacher learned his apprenticeship in Ireland
circa 1920’s, then his teacher was taught way back in the early 1900’s.
Basically, nothing has changed, to a point. we now have the fantastic CAD.
You still have to learn to set stones, understanding the techniques of
Bright-Cutting. Each & everyone of ‘us’ had to go through the important
process of learning to use a simple graver…Don’t think that CAD will
overstep many of the setting skills, you must still learn the principles of
setting…then you will fully understand that CAD & setting, are both a
"symbiotic relationship".

Gerry Lewy
Toronto, Ontario.


Jerry, I would love to have a copy of your notes as well. I’m getting back into jewelry after a long hiatus and setting this way is a long desired skill.

Thank you! Linda

Gerry I would much appreciate getting a copy of your notes. Eric

Many thanks and best regards Eric.

Hi Eric
I’ll send you my 960mg’s of notes tomorrow morning. Busy tonight!
Gerry! from my mobile-phone!

Thank you so much for spreading your wealth of knowledge to our group. I am sure that your info will be way over my head, but I might be able to ‘learn’ from it.
Please send your notes when you get a chance.
Dezert Dog

Please don’t use initials. Some of us out here do not know what they stand for, such as CAD?

Ooops Sorry. I had no idea some of the references to “Computer Aided Design” spelling & short forms were in unknown territory. I will refrain any reference to the symbols, as in CAD, in the future. My humblest apologies!..Gerry Lewy

Thanks Gerry, would greatly appreciate your essays, my email is:

I would love to learn from you too. Thanks

Hi Bernie
Could you please resend me your email address…in full! - - - - @???.com

​I do private training sessions, lets talk!!! ""​

Gerry Lewy
Toronto, Ontario.

It is Thanks

Gerry, I too would love a copy of your notes. Marilyn,

I am hoping to be included on the list…please forward to

Ne too please

Dear Jerry,

I would love to have a copy of your notes. Thank you for your generosity
to all of us on Orchid.

Sharron ( sharron.gray ( at )
from at the moment Hot, Hot, Hot, central Mexico.

Hello Gerry,
I would like very much to receive the instruction files on stone setting.
My email address is
Thank you

Interested in your notes also.

Thanks Sir,

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Dear Gerry,
Some years ago I purchased your “Manual of Diamond Setting” and your collection of essays from Bench Magazine called “Diamond Setting.” Are these current essays you are so generously offering to us the same essays? Or are these new ones. If they are new then I would love to be on your list. You are wonderful to share your “treasure trove” of information with us! My email is: nan[at]

Gerry, You’re 100% right about CAD. It’s just a tool, you need to know the skills. Love to be on your list…