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Needing Direction on Market Research

Hello all,

A great opportunity has come my way. I might have a chance to obtain
funding to start my own business in making enameled jewellery. But
to do so I must create a business plan and that business plan must
contain an analysis of the market. The analysis includes both a
discussion of secondary research (research done by others that helps
to support or not to support my business case) and primary research
(the research that I do for the local market). The results of both
types of research are then assessed to draw conclusions about whether
or not a case can be made to start such a business here in Victoria,

I am asking for help from Canadian jewellers who know where I can
get on who buys jewellery, the growth of the market and
other trends. My problem is at the moment that I am so ignorant about
the industry here in Canada that I don’t even know what I don’t know
and so can’t ask the correct questions.

I have written on line to the Canadian Jewellers Association and
hope that it can help me. I have also found some data from StatsCan.
But I have nothing about trends, who buys, what tends to be bought
when, issues regarding “artisanal” jewellery versus “fine” jewellery,
etc. So if any of you can help by suggesting possible contacts or
sources of market I would be grateful if you would speak

Thanks in advance
David Popham

For help writing a business plan:

For research on the industry, I would suggest:

Elaine Luther
Chicago area, Illinois, USA
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor

Hi David,

I recently completed a marketing and business plan for my own
jewellery business in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I am focusing on
contemporary gold studio jewellery directed at the US wholesale

Market research takes some digging for our industry because it is a
niche market. Stats can has some info. The key is to try to tie
into government departments that promote business. Contact your
local business initiative agencies and keep asking questions until
you find the appropriate agency to help you - a lot of these
agencies have compiled search engines and gathered data that can
make it easier for you.

It may be very likely that there are government types that can
assist you with developing a business and marketing plan. The
assistance I received was extremely helpful.

Contact me offline and I can send you some attachments - I had a
major computer crash recently so unfortunately I lost my favourites
files so I don’t have convenient links to sites.

Good luck!
Donna Hiebert