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Need some info on platinum alloy Pt950/Ir/Cu

So I’m looking at making some rings (plain bands) but the alloy I really want to use is not available from my supplier here in Australia (temporary issue, though no time frame on resolution). Nearest match they make is Pt950/Ir/Cu but I can’t find much info on this alloy working properties hardness etc. I’m loath to assume that it will be exactly like Pt950/Ir. So I was wondering if anyone has worked with it and if they know how it holds up as a plain band material for intermittent wear.

Also if anyone has heard of copper being an issue in Pt alloys for those with reactive dermatitis to copper, who have had reactions to copper from gold and silver alloys.

Cheers, Thomas.
Janstrom Designs.

Can anyone assist with this?

I have 4 immediate people I would go to (via email ), for alloying questions.

  1. Daniel Ballard, Precious Metals West. He has his own refinery and is an alloy geek of the highest order. ( )
  2. Ken Babayan at David Fell (DHF.Com)
    I’ve worked with this refinery through 3 generations of family management . They’re excellent .
  3. Claudia Kretchmeyer, Steven’s (step) daughter. Engaging and brilliant. Uber-Geek…
  4. Techform, arguably the best platinum house in the country.
    Hope this helps,

Hi Jim,

Thanks, I’ll shoot off some emails forthwith :slight_smile:

Cheers, Thomas

Janstrom Designs