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Need Soldering Help

Hi Gaylen, I teach classes in fabrication, and I have the beginners
use paste flux, easy and medium solders only (I have them wait until
they’re better at soldering before messing with hard solder), and I
strongly stress cleanliness of metal surfaces and seams that are as
perfect as possible. Paying attention to these little things really
makes soldering easier and the soldered join stronger, which in turn
makes subsequent operations easier. Making a bezel is usually one of
the first steps in making something, but if your bezel seam breaks
later on when you’re setting the stone, it can really be a disaster.

It’s not possible to tell you how your torch flame should look
without knowing what kind of torch and fuel you have.

Happy soldering!

Having just purchased 16 oz of flux, I learn that as an novice it
is in my best interest to use a paste flux.

As an instructor do you have a preferred paste flux? Ben

Bill, I’m using a 'Little Torch" with oxy/ propane disposable tanks &
presently have a #4 tip but have just ordered a larger tip. I was
soldering with hard solder but am now switching to med & easy.
Thanks for the advice…it’s great to have all you pros
right here at my fingertips!

Ben, Someone on the forum mentioned they ordered some fluoride -free
Super #6 paste flux from H&N Electronics…they said they were
very pleased at how well it worked.

All you ever needed about ordering flux.

And everything you needed about using flux.

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