[Need] Small custom jobs

I have a couple of small custom jobs. I need one quote to perform
both jobs. These are components of a work of art.

I have one piece of Everdur silicone bronze approximately 0.5" x
0.5" x.125" resembling an M&M candy shape with a hole in one end
that needs to be gold plated 14K. Download a photo at:


Provide preparation of base material to receive plating only, no
extra polishing required.

Cast one copy of above bronze piece, must be metal but not lead
(because I am concerned about lead poisoning), other alloys besides
bronze acceptable, and plate in gold 14K.

Please provide a quote for the work, estimated turn-around time,
your qualifications, and contact including address and
telephone number.

Please contact me at the email below with any questions.

Send quotes to: mark at exnihilostudio dot com

Mark Taber