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Need silver producer

To those who can help, I am in the process of trying to find a
company that can reproduce my work by both stamping copies of it and
casting it. I need a company that can help me with starting out.
Meaning that I am not starting out with very huge run numbers. Thank
you so much.

Stamping and casting are different technologies. One would only use
stamping to produce more than 100 copies because it is expensive to
make the steel dies required to do the forming and cutting. Small
bezel cups are stamped.

Casting would be more cost effective to produce about 10 copies. A
silicone mold is made of the original for wax copies. The wax copies
are then put in investment, melted out, and silver copies would be
cast. There are many foundries that can do this. It’s a good idea to
use a local foundry to minimize shipping costs.

I used Ampex casting in NYC and found them to produce a nice copies
at a reasonable price. The pieces needed to be filed and polished a
little, but that keeps the cost lower.